curing depression
Many psychotherapists and many physicians are going to be pissed that a massage therapist is posting this. 
To make the physcians and psychotherapists and lawyers happy:
1) am not qualified to diagnosis or prescribe things for depression, for it is currently considered a brain and "story" related problem, and therefore since I deal with neither, it is none of my damn business.   
2) for your own safety, if you, see the logic conclusion that I do, and decide to try this, it is best to stay (or get) on to pharmacolodical aides. 

At the end of the path, it will seem rediculusly simple, however, that is because you have traveled the path, but in the process, you might as well consider the new path to be walking, alone, in the woods on moonless night.   In fact, the ideal path IS the easist path, but for a depressed person, it just doesn't feel right.  A depressed person feels that they must run full speed, into the trees, in the dark.   Afterward, we realize to sit during the dark nights and enjoy a bit of rest, and then to move, rested and happy and with clear mind, in the daylight. 

Part 1
Lose the sense of who you think you should be. Lose the ego.  Forget how things used to feel or how you think your activities should feel.  Before we can lay happiness into your neurological patterns, you have to stop clinging to anger, fear and just bad expectations.  You have to let go of the "reflex" that more is better, that going hard is the answer.   Before you can have "Right Thought" you have to let go of the "bad thought".   

Part 2
Practice ROUNTIELY ENJOYING- doing what you need to do so that TOMORROW you want to do it again.  This is also more complicated than it seems at first.   So, to think of emotional well being as training, one must start easily.  Start with going very softly BUT doing it with purpose.  Do it so that you wake the next day with the deep desire to do a "30 minute workout".

We have two sets of programs that control how good we are allowed to feel; First are the voices that have told us, our entire lives- those people around us that have, with good intention, accidentally, set us to believe how much happiness we are allowed to feel.   The second program is our body.  This is also two-fold: 1) that we have a neurological response that we aren't allowed to enjoy this much "good feeling".  Secondly, over time we lose the ability to make that much "good-feeling" biochemistry.   Our "fitness" level is simply not there. 

when exercising and opening the muscles there will be a VERY subtle release of "wastes" (not toxins)   When you lose weight there are many tiny bits that also are released.   There are tiny molecules of various emotions that got stored with the fat, and those flavor your background emotional "noise".  If you gained weight/ stopped working out because of stress (life made hard demands on you)  many of that chemistry will come out and float around your blood stream when you aren't expecting it.  This is subtle!!!  It's not like you wil have flash backs, but rather a little bits suck the energy and life out of  you.   They draw the motivation down.  Give them the respect they deserve.