What you seek:
Massage for your needs/ comfort:
You enjoy challenges and succeeding at ever increasing levels.

Whether it's doubling your quota, or winning an important race.

Giving your best is about being strong and able.
Education & Advanced Training:
Giving 100% means you've done your best, you have nothing left.

That is where I come in: I quickly and deeply remove the tiredness, aches and discomforts that tried to get in your way. Getting out these wastes allows you to more quickly and deeply recover, and most importantly, allows your body the education that it is safe and wise to go even harder next time, because the discomfort will go away AND you will now have deeper, clearer “well” from which to draw your ambition. Like crystalline mountain water, ambition is both beautiful and refreshing.
I make sure to visit Ed every time I come back from Europe or have a big race- G Daniels