Aerobic exercise
- will flush the stress from your system.   Keep heart rate BELOW 150 (145 for runners).   Many cyclists will think this sounds too easy, but then they try it and discover it work an entire level of thier "engine" that they didn't know existed.  Riding at that point doesn't call up the natural pain relieving "turbo" of the natural opiate (endo-orphins).  To go out and just enjoy, withOUT turning on the intense chemistry. 

Weight lifting
Easy, relaxed to explore the body.  20-30 reps.  To flush out the cobwebs.  NOT to become strong and big, but rather just to feel the body.  Do it with relaxation and confidence- to find and feel confidence and what does it feel like?

AS you go through motions, first you flush out the old stuff, then over time, as things get more intense, you build new expecations of how life and doing things will feel.  Over time, as it is a slow process, you purposefully reset how it feels to be you, in your skin, in your thoughts, how you percieve the world, and then even how you expect to feel. 

As the fitness builds, the goal remains the same- to learn how to flush out the ugly feelings faster and deeper.   Over time you work to see how hard you can go WITH feelings of Strength and Confidence.  As you get really fit, you play at the limits of your confidence- you go so hard that you doubt yourself, but then in recovery, flush out all those bits that interfere with how you feel about being you. 

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