What you seek:
Welcome to KneadEd
Massage that IS effective.   Massage to get rid of your discomforts and to allow your body and entire being to feel much better, and maybe even better than you thought possible. 

Massage to feel amazing.  Massage to be amazing. 
Massage for your needs/ comfort:
Education & Advanced Training:

Combining the best and greatest education with a deep innate caring, with hands that "listen", my clients have routinely said that I am unlike any other Massage Therapist they have known. 

I spend many hours a week in the softest most gentle styles.  I  continue to explore and practice some of the "energetic" forms of massage/ bodywork.  However, what I am most known for is my sports, physiological, and high intensity work.  It is my personal pleasure to cycle and ski up mountains so self-induced body pains are well known to me.  

I work for you, at your comfort level.  I work in the style you want, regardless if you know the technical name, or even how to define it. I work for YOU
Edward has serious ability to turn off my tensions and allow me to reset, so softly.   -Anne M.