Foir a while, years in fact, I used those tools to help my clients feel different and make changes in their lives. 

I could change muscles and neurlogical patterns.  I could shift postural issues due to physical and emotionals holding patterns. 

I learned to hear better and better with my hands.

However, something else was there, something I couldn't identify. 

Going to Esalen allowed me to understand what I was feeling- I found that instead of me making changes, I could find and support your innate ability to fix yourself.  To let your body do what it was designed to do- to heal and adjust it's self as needed.  

By "simply" finding and supporting your strengths, your confidence, your being, and the wonder that is you, deep down, you naturally push out the pain and tiredness and replace it with greatness. 

To simpify:  I have learned how the body works, first with the molecular and atomic level, then into less defined and precise persectives into how to fix it.  Finally, I am able to be good enough to just massage and help you find comfort with your natural confidence, happiness, strength and contentment.  

To touch to support your beauty and love, for there is nothing that is better at taking care of you than your own love and being.  

Esalen Massage is about touching with unconditional positve regard, it's about the Gestalt (The Whole), it's about being touched at a very deep and wonderful depth. 

However, with that I also have a great life myself, for that it the refence point I touch my clients with.  To touch them and have them know they belong and are safe, I have to practice that in my life. 

and with that I go throw my leg over my bike frame.