Our state of being, our emotional "background noise" which is generated from our body highly affects how routine and new stimuli are interpreted. (what meaning we get from them.

That was a mouthful of words saying that when we feel good in our body we see the the big and small events of the life as the good things and the annoyances wash away easier. 

When we spend time in a "good place" when we routinely feel confident, love (giving and receiving), feeling able, etc.  we set our body to not allow the indicents of life to hook us.  The flat tire or traffic ticket fade away mush faster.  However when stress is allowed to acculmulate then we see the world differently and people respond differently

It has been shown that even our posture before a mock interview affects not only the perceived outcome, but also our blood chemistry.   To say it differently, how our body is postioned, how strong and relaxed we are before a stress changes the meaning our bodies interpret of the event.  If we are strong and relaxed beforehand, then our bodies leave the event with less residual stress (chemistry).

Getting rid of discomforts, especially chronic ones, allows you to experience the world in a different and better way.  A simple example would be to consider hunger:  when you are hungry it is easy to be grumpy or even a bit "short", however a nice meal, the problem suddenly seems much smaller. 

Massage is very good at get rid of the little aches and discomforts.