A home for me would have a few things:

A place where I could come home from a long day, whether work or play (enjoying the strength in MY body!!)  and park my car for a day or two without unloading it immediately. 

A place to be creative. A place to play with my mind, to let my mind go wild and form things were "nothing"  was before.  I prefer metal and (automotive) paint.  I like to play with hard to work material so that I can make something really amazing.    

I want a home that I can make my own. 

See with my work, I explore and support your innate beauty, strength, and general sense of being, so my home will be a place where I do the same thing FOR ME.  To create art that I live with and use.  A place I can come home to after "going big" by cycling and skiing UP the mountains.    I touch with clean, soft, organized way.  I need to have a space that I can both be "tight" for myself as well to "explode" and have my gear out for a couple of days.  I need to be away from people that I have to be delicate to. 

I need a home I can make my own.  To build my own kitchen cabinets. To lay an inlay into the wooden floor. 

To be able to weld (heated metal gasses) and "blow" automotive paints with all their VOC's 

I need a place I can drink my beer and enjoy being stupid, for I have to 
(and do enjoy and really love) care in the deepest, softest ways for my clients.  

I'm not joking about a place that is "redneck".   I would love to  build, from the ground up (or from the carcass/ engine/ tranny  of my old car) a new vehicle, like a "Rock Crawler".

anyhow, time for me to go for a ride so I can experience my own strength and general feeling of having a bucket full of fun on my bike.