What you seek:
Massage for your needs/ comfort:
Soften the tiredness.

Ease away the many little stresses and busy bits that clutter your thoughts.

Allow the tasks and obligations to float away.
Education & Advanced Training:
A soothing massage opens and supports the body's innate and natural elegance and confidence. When your natural, deep beauty and confidence is supported, it flushes away the other bits. The unique soft, determined strength that flows deep is brought to the surface. Afterwards you feel different, and it shows. Feeling strong, clear and confident is something that shows, people see it and are inspired and know that you are some one they really want to be with.  
For the pinnacle in the work, I recommend scheduling a 90 minute Esalen Massage. 60 minutes is enough, but the full Esalen Massage (click here for more info) has been developed and refined over 45 years in Big Sur as a unique and amazing experience.
Edward has serious ability to turn off my tensions and allow me to reset, so softly.